Luis Llosa

Luis Llosa is a Peruvian film director and producer. He was born 1951 in Lima as son of Luis Llosa Ureta and Olga Urquidi Yañez. He is the cousin and brother-in-law of the Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa.
He studied at the exclusive Colegio Markham in Lima.
Though The Specialist seems commonly to be a little (just a little) underrated, most of his directed films are very bad. Even his Blockbuster Anaconda is actually quite bad. However he managed to cast wellknown actors like Silvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, Isabella Rossellini, Jennifer Lopez or Sandra Bullock for his films.
His last film The Feast of the Goat  based on the novel of the same name written by his Nobel-prize winning cousin Mario Vargas is his first Film with good critical reception.

Filmography (director)
1984 Carmín (TV series)
1987 Hour of the Assassin (as Luis Llosa Urquidi)
1989 Crime Zone
1993 Sniper
1993 Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
1993 Fire on the Amazon
1994 El ángel vengador: Calígula (TV series)
1994 The Specialist
1997 Anaconda
2005 The Feast of the Goat

At the presentation of The Feast of the Goat in Lima (from left to right: Mario Vargas Llosa, Isabella Rossellini, Luis Llosa, Stephanie Leonidas)