Cumbia is a music genre popular throughout Latin America. The Cumbia originated in Colombia's Caribbean coastal region and Panama, from the musical and cultural fusion of Native Colombians and Panamanians, slaves brought from Africa, and the Spanish during colonial times in the old country of Pocabuy, which is located in Colombia's Momposina Depression and in the northeast of Panama, in the ancient palenques of the Congo nation. Cumbia began as a courtship dance practiced among the African population, which was later mixed with Amerindian steps and European and African instruments and musical characteristics. Cumbia is very popular in the Andean region and the Southern Cone, and is for example more popular than the salsa in many parts of these regions.

Subgenres from the Tawantinsuyu area

Chicha (Andean Cumbia)

 Chacalon y La Nueva Crema
Song: Ven Mi Amor

Los Ecos (Peru)
Album: Peru Maravilloso - Vintage Latin, Tropical & Cumbia
Song: Me Siento Felíz

New Chilean Cumbia

Chico Trujillo (Chile)
Album: Gran pecador (2011)

Colombian Cumbia

 Armando Hernandez (Colombia)
Song: La Zenaida

Cumbia villera

 Damas Gratis (Argentina)
Album: Para Los Pibes (2000)

Indie-pop cumbia

Los Labios (Argentina)
Album: Papi Swing (2013)
Song: Papi Swing

Peruvian Cumbia

 Juaneco y su combo (Peru)
Album: El Brujo


Rossy War (Peru)
Song: Nunca Pense Llorar (1997)
Sound (Chilenian Tecnocumbia)
Amerika'n Sound (Chile)
Song: Cumbia